Customizing Product Boxes: Things Brands Need To Consider!


Besides containing the product and keeping it safe from damages, product boxes have another important function – Marketing. Branding experts agree that a good product box works like a billboard on the shelves. It can trigger a purchase, or can at least stimulate a customer to check the item. Gone are times when you could order stock boxes for a product without worrying about the exact sizing. Precision is the current key to effective and easy box packaging, and more brands are willing to spend on customized designs. In this post, we are discussing more on what it takes to design a custom box for your product, with focus on the key aspect.

Know your product

Forget marketing, forget other aspects, forget competition – The sole and most important aspect of packaging is to contain the product. In simpler words, the box has to be designed for the product and not the other way around. Consider every aspect that may concern the product’s value, such as –

  • Size
  • Dimensions
  • Nature
  • Shape
  • Perishability
  • Need for additional cushioning

So, if you are selling glassware, the packaging needs to be a lot more specific than that of a subscription box. Measure the product, consider if it’s fragile, perishable or has concerns that must be addressed.

Finding the packaging partner

When we talk of packaging partners, we are not referring to random box sellers. You need a box manufacturer that you can partner and collaborate with. Many box manufacturers have an extended team of experts, graphic designers, and design consultants, so for smaller brands that don’t have designing resources, their expertise can be extremely valuable. Such manufacturers can make the entire process of box customization easy and effective. It is also a wise idea to consider if the manufacturer can handle all kinds of packaging orders, has the capacity to handle big requirements, and if they can actually store the boxes.

Learning from the market

If you really want to improve your approach to customized boxes, the best idea is to keep a watch on the market. You have to check what other brands are doing with their products, and it doesn’t mean looking at competitors only. Custom boxes work as a branding tool for every company, so if you know the right means of brand promotion through packaging, half of the battle is won. There are some really good case studies to consider.

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